The Best Cakes in the World

I don’t intentionally taste every special looking cake I see to test its rating in relation to all the cakes I’ve ever tried.  I am actually trying to cut down on my cake intake.  So it would seem a natural progression to create some kind of ranking, an appreciation, if you will, of the best cakes, so when I do eat cake, I am not eating anything below a certain quality.  Here is my list of the best cakes I have ever had, with as much description as possible.  A thorough exploration of my top cake eating experiences.

5) Fruit crumble: the late ‘Food for Thought’ in Covent Garden

Food for thought was an immensely popular vegetarian restaurant in Covent Garden.  Now normally, suggesting I eat vegetarian is blasphemy, but not only did it serve the best veggie dishes I have ever tasted, it was one of my favorite restaurants overall, including non-veggie restaurants.  Now I have told you how wonderful it is I am going to have to tell you it closed due to rising rents in the area 😦

Back to the point, though, the first time I ever tasted their food was when I was taken to try their pudding.  We took the fruit crumble as take away and had it on the balcony of the Royal Opera House.  A beautiful atmosphere for a very special delight to the taste buds.  The textures were smooth, the fruit not too sour, overall, light and fluffy but decadent enough to keep me satisfied.

4)  Cupcake- Location: Ms Cupcake, Brixton

Ms Cupcake is located en route to my workplace and to many transport links so it is a ‘look in the window and be tempted’ situation.  It is also an eat on the go scenario.  I think I am going to make the suggestion to myself to find a nice green space to enjoy one of these cupcakes in future.  There is such a variety and I haven’t gone through much of the selection due to some command over my self-control.  I like a cupcake to be more moist so the one with a crumble topping was wonderful but I prefer cupcakes with a lot of creamy topping which when bitten into, coats the cake and gives the right balance between the soft and the sweet.

3) Scone- location: Fortnum and mason

The scone choice was a difficult one to make.  I really enjoyed the chocolate chip scone at the Hotel Chocolat restaurant.  But the significance of it was pushing it to the top by the fact that it had chocolate in it.

The scone at Fortnum and Mason had no chocolate but was incredible anyway.  I told my sister I was taking her for afternoon tea but got a bit lost in the building and ended up buying lunch for us.  A tad on the pricey side but we did have a scone afterwards. It was so divine I went back one day by myself, sat with my notebook, and ordered a scone!  I liked being waited on by the elegant staff and I really enjoyed some time with my notebook and my scone.

2)  Cheesecake-Location: Loughborough

There was once upon a time when I lived in Loughborough for my studies.  There was once upon a time when there was a shop specializing in cheesecake in this lovely student town.  I had never seen so many varieties of cheese cake in my life!  I love cheesecake because it is the perfect combination of creamyness, crumblyness and whatever wonderful topping you have chosen.  I may have opted for chocolate once but any of the flavors looked delicious and the ones I tried were all so unique.  No set style of cheesecake.

1) Chocolate Cake-Location: Ecuador

My sister said she was taking me for chocolate cake as a belated birthday treat when we spent christmas in Ecuador.  She said she would order one slice for herself and my mum and one for me if I would like, although she mentioned it might be a challenge.   Challenge?  Ha!  I laugh in the face of a ‘challenging’ live of chocolate cake.  But seriously, one slice and I felt  like I was the boy from Matilda trying to finish an entire cake.  It was pure goodness and so rich. I did struggle, but I made it through the slice, and I doubt I will ever have anything like it again….



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