The New Location of the Design (Museum)

I visited the design museum today, which has now opened on its new site in Kensington.  The ticketed exhibition ‘Fear and Love’ took my fancy, but not having researched the different exhibitions before I got there, there was a very small time frame in which I looked at the options and chose one.  No time to build up expectations or interpret the title myself.

The first line of the introduction to the exhibition, described, us moving away from design being about objects and moving towards the idea of contexts.  I truly believe that this is humanity having more interaction with the world as it exists or at least trying to react to it rather than use it as an investment for ourselves.  Our reactions can obviously be negative and we can use our knowledge to react in order to resource our own interests, but the increasing enhancement of our moral code has led to publicity away from greed and towards community and sustainability.  A lot of effort has gone into diverting attention along this more positive route and the arts are very often the vehicle of change.

The general reflex after seeing a well curated inspiring exhibition is to have dozens of  ideas brimming with excitement and fighting about who will become realised first.  It would seem that this exhibition will take more thought to stimulate an coherent idea.

So I am thinking, what are the contexts of fear and love for me?  What do I fear and what do I love and where do they belong in my life and my world?  I am afraid of the  unknown.  I may be pained with anxiety.  Essentially, however, it is a fear of the things I feel, negative feelings, manifesting themselves into scenarios which realise themselves.

I am afraid of negative feelings.  I am afraid of them being re-enforced.

I love the things that make me feel alive and happy.  Friends, family, art, laughter.  How do we re-enforce the things we love and how do we use design to do it?  I am looking around me, considering what I would consider poor design, and why? My instinctive reaction is that right angles and straight edges seem sterile but professional and safe.  That colour is important and that additions such as plants and a fish tank are pivotal.  If you can’t change the structure but additions and colour are important, perhaps my focus should be on the installation of creations.

What are places I fear and what do I create in them?  I would say that I am mostly fearful of situations rather than physical places. The common denominator in all these situations is my own presence.  Additions to ones presence as a stimulus, brings drama games and fashion to mind.  More than feeling comfortable in ones skin.  Even more than feeling confident in ones skin.  Blossoming and thriving.  Not just believing but being.

The featured image is one of my own pieces.  It is the most mood altering piece, for me, which I have produced.



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