Straight through the Ceiling: Telling a Graphic Story

A few years ago I was inspired to design a sweet looking character with pigtails and cheeky freckles.  I have always admired how how Disney and other animators bring so many aspects of character and personality to their drawings and when trying it for myself I did a bit of research into ‘cute’ illustrations.

I used my character to create a little story and when I saw a workshop for comic writers and graphic novelists I thought I would attend and might learn something.  I was expecting a reasonably amateur class but it was the opposite, with insightful professional advice and people serious about the topic making up the class.

We talked about mapping worlds and I found the use of graph paper encouraged the creation of a more thorough world with detail and precision.  I found a big mistake I had made with my comic was that I hadn’t been thorough about the characters back story, thinking I was including everything that was relevant. However knowing details about the character can influence the telling of the story on many levels.  Simple action can seem more real if you have considered the character enough to make them realistic.

I came away with many ideas on how to proceed with a story I have thought up a long time ago and how to turn it into a graphic novel.  As for my comic strip I thought I would share it with the cute little girl as a start for an exciting new pursuit!



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