The Campaign for Wool and Snuggles

Apparently there is a campaign for wool of which HRH The Prince of Wales is patron.  I was vaguely aware of an issue with modern shepherds not making the money which was required for the work put in.  My cousin in Sicily had dozens of sheep and from all that wool, the wool was sold for very little.

When NASA were trying to produce a fabric for the astronauts, after much work they actually found wool was the best product their laboratory could never make.

The wool bnb is  domestic house in East London which has be furnished by interior designer Karina Garrick who curated the collection of everything wool.  She wanted to use bright colours to counter the associations of wool with earthy dull colours and also celebrating how well wool takes dyes.  Some of the artistically designed rugs were hung on the wall along with artwork by Jacqueline Fink which weighted as much as a person and expressed the many ways a wool can be knitted, plaited and hung.

The bedroom was the cosiest, snuggest room imaginable.  With all the pillows, mattress and quilt stuffed with wool.  The blankets were knitted with giant knitting needles, using very thick yarn.


The pillows reminded me of my dad’s jumpers.  Wonderful lamps and samples of different types of wool, it was an aesthetic and educational journey.



In the garden there was an artisan Shepherds hut with an adorable rocking sheep which I most certainly will be making one of my own.


All in all at the end of the tour, not only did I want to take up knitting with giant needles but I wanted wool everywhere and anywhere because it is cosiness and snuggles and a good cause.


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