An Alternative Art Education

Today I attended an event, ‘Education: Finding an Alternative’.  It would seem that a response to liking some parts of formal education and disliking other parts, for some inspired people is to create their own educational institution.  Being something which avoids nature of an institution but is somewhere which provides an education, (passes on knowledge), and does it using a method which is ‘alternative’.

A question which arose was: the encompassment of diversity within the schools and relating art to those who experience it and who are those people?  When funding is involved, the tick boxes to ensure various requirements are meant are possibly seen as the only way of monitoring selection processes and decision making which decides exclusion and inclusion.  My thoughts were that the public out reach programmes the schools run should draw a variety of the public in with their content and it was mentioned art language should be avoided and words appealing to the wider audience should be considered in these processes.

It made me think: what do I enjoy about education and what would my school consist of?

A few years ago, training as a play worker, we were ask to create a fantasy play setting with no limits.  There would be a stage and a reading corner and a sports pitch.  And then the ideas got more far fetch such as a ball pit and go karts.

If I were to design a school I would first think of how I enjoy to learn and what I learn most from.  Conversation is definitely pivotal in the learning process and the theory that we learn form our piers.  So a selection of conversation sparking activities.  Reading groups, crit groups and lectures are the standard.  Other activities which inspire me such as walks and exploring physical places makes me curious, which leads to an important point about schools.  They embody systems to motivate.  To drive further knowledge seeking and gaining.




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