Goal Setting through Cartography

Having so many ideas buzzing around in ones head calls for organisation, but as someone with countless note taking facilitators, pads, journals of many varieties, evernote, post-its etc etc, I came across a book I purchased a while back.  It was about illustrating your world through maps.  I came with templates and ideas for themes.  The first template in the book, or kit, is a hand shaped map to celebrate personal passions.  The institutions indicated to write on each finger, one creative outlet.2016-09-21-19.53.23.jpg.jpeg

I added ways to develop and in the legend other ideas on how to go about progressing.  They were all things I had considered before but got lost in the many approaches coming to me.  The obvious thing to do with my map is to put it on the wall as a reminder and adapt or add new maps as time progresses.

Since drawing my map (about one hour ago), I have read a quarter of a book on jazz improvisation, a skill I have wanted to develop for 15 years which is when I believe I bought the book.  A well written guide to a creative skill, I find is a great motivation, especially when you feel you have understood and absorbed the information.  I feel up for sitting at the piano stool and beginning the practical side of learning.

On the topic of ‘since I drew my map’, I have located a paper chase recipe book I began to fill out with cooking ideas and a neighbour knocked on our door with a collection of cooking apples she picked.  That will surely inspired me to be creative in the kitchen!

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