A Very Summery Summer Exhibition

For a while, finding contemporary art which used paint as a medium was much more of a challenge than to find that historical paintings.  It would seem that artists re taking full advantage of the accessibility of other mediums and the diminished requirement to ‘be able to draw’ in the the conventional sense was leading to art forms being accepted which experimented with a visual experience going outside of paint on canvas.

However my own medium has always been paint and ever since I was a child I have attended the summer exhibition at the Royal Academy for inspiration and the pure enjoyment of being in a room surrounded by so much daring variety.

This year was no different.  One of my favourite pieces was a door with the words painted on it: ‘what unites human beings is huge and wonderful and what divides us is small and mean’.  I found the text powerful and ever so much more that it appeared on a door in large bold letters as if to say, this door is locked and to enter you have to absorb this truth.

I also enjoyed a photograph of a camper-van in a glorious twilight scene.  There was such a feeling of quiet adventure about the piece.  If I named it myself I would have called it ‘the pause’.  A break in life captured in a moment with the feeling that this moment would have been extensive.

I looked out for traces of activity and excitement coming to a standstill and captured the following image of a hola hoop, having being caught on the fence, waiting to be found.

2016-07-20 16.56.30



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